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Welcome to the L&M Lumber web site. It is our goal to have as many people as possible make this their home page. We have Google up front and center so you can use this page as a search engine. We also have many links on the bottom of this page to take you to many of our vendors web sites so you can get information on most of our products. I will also try to get as many project calculators on here as possible, such as how much paint you need to cover a certain size room or what size beam do you need to cover a certain span. So keep checking to see what’s new. I hope this web site becomes a valuable tool for you to get all the information you need for your project or your job. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on this web site feel free to e-mail me your ideas to

07/29/2010   We've just added a large number of photo galleries over at our Events Page. Go check them out!

07/08/2010   We now have a page dedicated to our own store mascot, Maxie! You can visit here over here at Maxie's Room.

07/06/2010   If you're seeing this, it means that the re-design of the site was successful. Over the next few weeks I will be adding a few more pages.

06/23/2010   Redesigning the site again. Also added a few more links down at the bottom of the page and fixed a few broken ones.

07/17/2008   I'm going through a major re-vamp of the site that will make it compatible with all broswers (not just IE). To preview what I'm working on now, visit Index2.

07/15/2008   Added Expansion 08 and Employee Photos pages.

06/23/2008   Cleaned up the links on the front and Paint pages and added some new ones.

08/03/2006   Added Nursery and Paint pages under the Store Departments Page. Still working on getting the other Sections up.

07/26/2006   A bit of moving around and organizing the pages. I've added a D.I.Y. Page under the Projects and Planning page and have also moved the Calculators there. Over the next couple of days I am hoping to get some information on the Store Departments page about the different departments in the store.

04/11/2006 now has a new webmaster! Shandra McCollough has now taken over the job and wishes to make a handy source of up to date information for both employees and customers.